IDOR Lite?

The IDOR 2020 has been cancelled for what are now becoming familiar reasons (see previous post). With overnight accommodation on a yacht being the significant obstacle to running the regatta, is there any interest in a day’s racing? If so and there is sufficient interest, we could run a three-race day (“team sports”), with the Island Sailing Club, on Wednesday 14th or Thursday 15th October, for approximately £800/yacht.

If this is of interest please contact asap.

IDOR 2020 Update

Regrettably the IDOR 2020 has been cancelled. Due to the continuing restrictions on gatherings of multiple households, particularly affecting staying overnight on board, we do not consider it practical to run a regatta of the IDOR’s nature. Apologies for the short notice, but we hope you understand we have been trying to delay this decision in the hope that the regatta could go ahead within government guidance and legislation.

We have discussed the cancellation with Fairview and they are willing to commute all paid deposits to 2021. Contact to discuss alternatives.

IDOR 2021 has been provisionally scheduled for 20-25th June 2021!

The IDOR 2020

The IDOR is currently planned for 11th-16th October 2020, having been postponed due to the corona virus pandemic. A firm decision as to whether to go ahead will be taken in mid-September.

Coronavirus update

In common with many other sporting events and all CSSC activities in spring 2020, the IDOR will be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have not been able to set a date just yet, but are looking at options with Fairview and the Island Sailing Club for September or October, a time when this situation hopefully will have passed. You will understand though at this time we cannot offer absolute certainty.

For those of you who have paid deposits with Fairview, they have very kindly allowed us (counter to their usual policy) to transfer them to the future date. If this is not acceptable to your department or club, please contact the committee to discuss other options.

If you have not paid a deposit for the boat charter and are planning or hoping to enter please provide an expression of interest to so we can judge the feasibility of a late season regatta.

Any other questions please email . If you would prefer to call, it would be appreciated if you could do so on Friday.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Stuart and Sam
Stuart Dawes
IDOR 2020 Co-Chair